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Route 66 Day - Mill Grand Opening - Bike Blessing
Date & Time
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

“Route 66 Day in Lincoln” includes the grand opening of The Mill on Route 66 museum at Noon on Saturday, April 29th. The Mill will feature the dining, lodging and transportation themes from the days of Route 66 in the city and county. Plans also include a gift shop, featuring unique local items and Route 66 souvenirs. A parade following early sections of Route 66 and its predecessor, Route 4 will begin at the newly signed Route 66 downtown district, and end up at The Mill. A big part of the celebration also includes the annual Bike Blessing, hosted by Ron & Lois Thornton & Crystal Williams. The Bike Blessing begins at Zero Tolerance at 1pm and lasts throughout the afternoon.

The Mill will be open from Noon-4pm, and an after hours will be held at Spirited Republic downtown from 4-6pm. All events are free. Donations are welcome. Visitors to The Mill are encouraged to record their memories of the famous restaurant and bar on video as part of the celebration. The Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County is the non-profit tax-deductible organization that owns The Mill. Visit savethemill.org to learn about the ongoing crowd-funding campaign and for more information.

The Mill on 66
738 S. Washington
Lincoln, IL