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Steak N Shake # 2 - Keller’s Iron Skillet in Bloomington
Imagine you are riding in your Hot Rod with your lover by your side, the smell of octane fills the air, the music - “ I get around “ by The Beach Boys - is playing and you’re cruising behind a bunch of your friends in similar classic cars and hot rods. You just left “Steak N Shake” #1 in Normal on Route 66 only to go down the Road to another “Steak N Shake” # 2 in Bloomington, then to a “Dog N Suds” next to this other “Steak N Shake” # 2 in Bloomington, only to loop back to the “Steak N Shake” on Route 66 in Normal and this looping continues continuously through out the evening. This was known in the late 60’s and 70’s as "Tooling the Gag."

In 1934 a gentleman named Gus Belt created a restaurant named “ Steak n Shake “ on Route 66 in Normal, Illinois.

The "Number 2" store was located just off Route 66 on 602 Hannah Street in Bloomington, Illinois to be exact.

Besides the Incredible beginnings of the Restaurant and the stories of his creations of this famed drive-in, the culture it created in this period of the late 60’s and 70’s is passionately burned in the hearts and minds of the locals still as they love to reminisce of this time in their life. Well that spirit exists at the Building known as Keller’s Iron Skillet  ( Steak n Shake # 2 building ). This place is still a successful running diner and stands as a Homage to those days. 
The locals still remember this special time in their life and The diner still retains that feel!

The food is quite good and inexpensive. You can still get a complete Buffet with a drink for $ 6.00 and Steak and eggs breakfast for $4.99.

Experience this history and have a good home cooked breakfast or Lunch at the building that was “Steak N Shake #2” that is still standing and in full operation as....

Keller’s Iron Skillet (Steak N Shake #2)
602 Hannah Street
Bloomington, Illinois 61701

It is a must stop on your Route 66 Travels !!- by Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway correspondent Rod Ferguson.