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U-Haul on Route 66
U-Haul has been around for a very long time and crosses path with Route 66 many times. Brian a 19 year veteran of U-Haul and an enthusiastic historian himself , shared a very simple business model handed down from their CEO: "Find out what people need / like and do more of it." That statement sure belongs to The Miles of Possibilities on Route 66 philosophy. That coupled with their mission to buy older buildings ( Many with beloved history in the community) and re-purpose them as U-Haul facilities makes them very special. They have two in Bloomington and both are on Route 66. One was Tom’s Parkway Foods another was Eiseners. Both buildings have tributes to each of these businesses with in the community. Brian shared their truck logos which speak of travels to different destinations and a chance for customers to have their picture on one of their trucks.

Aside from all this great business Acumen, there is an Incredible larger tie they have to Route 66 ... Ready For This One?

They sold a U-Haul truck to none other than a Legend on Route 66, Bob Waldmire, and that truck is on display in Chelsea Oklahoma. He not only bought his truck from a Springfield, Illinois U-Haul on Route 66, but he sketched the building and U-Haul provided it for us to publish with this story. Brenda, who works for U-Haul, says he would come to this facility and sketch for hours and has even given them a sketch of the truck he bought and logoed and that piece is in their corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Waldmire has also sketched other art work which Aaron in their marketing dept has in his private collection and some in their other facility in Springfield. This makes U-Haul quite the Route 66 business and partner with the Mother Road in such a special way.

- by Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway correspondent Rod Ferguson.