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Evergreen Memorial Cemetery
Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, founded in the early 1820's, is a historic cemetery nestled in the heart of Bloomington. The 87 acre cemetery begins with a simple entrance, winding avenues, towering trees and an elaborate mausoleum. Evergreen Memorial Cemetery is a wonderful example of preservation, culture and tradition in Central Illinois. It is the resting place of famous figures and ordinary people. People like former Vice President Adlai Stevenson, Revolutionary War soldier David Haggard and niece of L. Frank Baum, Dorothy Louise Gage, basis for the character Dorothy from his book The Wizard of Oz.

There are two sections dedicated to children, three areas dedicated to veterans. Today, Evergreen Memorial Cemetery captures the imagination of the visitor and may be swept away by the quality which one might call the essential spirit of the place. It is a place where the dignity of nature is appreciated by those who visit.

Every visit to Evergreen Memorial Cemetery is like a trip back in time. It's like shaking hands with former Asst. Secretary of Agriculture Carl Vrooman, walking the gardens with Supreme Court Justice David Davis and playing catch with Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Charles Radbourn. Evergreen Memorial Cemetery is an impressive repository of local and state history. Self-led tours are welcome during normal business hours. You can see the many sections in the cemetery and enjoy the peace that comes with strolling the grounds. Evergreen Memorial Cemetery has a distinctive park-like setting, capturing and expressing a love for nature. Nature and man are brought together in harmony here. Private group tours are available.

On May 31, 1948 a group of citizens gathered at Evergreen Memorial Cemetery’s Civil War Veterans enclosure to honor those who had given to our great nation through their military service.  During the ceremony a WWII trainer plane flown by James A. Tuley and passenger Chester H. Frahm were flying over this cemetery and Park Hill Cemetery to drop poppies over the grounds.  On the second pass over Evergreen Memorial Cemetery the plane crashed into this tree killing Frahm and severely wounding Tuley.  It took years for cemetery personnel to determine that this was the tree.
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