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Berwyn Community Profile & Itinerary
Berwyn is a suburban city in Cook County, formed in 1908 after breaking off from Cicero Township. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 56,657. Ogden Avenue is Berwyn’s stretch of Historic Route 66 – the Mother Road – designed for automobiles when the car was king of American culture. Today Route 66 is celebrated at the Berwyn Route 66 Gift Shop, with scenic byway exhibits, at the annual Berwyn Route 66 Car Show, at local haunts like Cigars & Stripes BBQ Lounge and Paisans Pizzeria & Bar or just around the corner with live music at Harlem Avenue Lounge.

One of the most notable celebrities associated with Berwyn is Svengoolie, who hosts a long-running horror movie show on the MeTV network. Berwyn is referenced in the show as the city that the program is produced from, and consequently it is known nationally due to the popularity of the program.

The Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC) markets Berwyn regionally and nationally as a prime business and leisure destination. BDC promotes Berwyn's energy and culture to visitors and residents and to create unique development opportunities for business. The BDC is a public-private partnership with the City of Berwyn that provides economic development and Chamber of Commerce services to all segments of the Berwyn community. They are a not-for-profit membership organization that serves over 300 businesses and individuals. The BDC continually strives to develop new programs, services and events that promote the community.

Berwyn Car Show
The annual Berwyn Car Show is widely considered to be the best Route 66 event in the state. The event is held on the last Saturday of August. The gravesite of Al Capone is located 13 miles northwest of Berwyn, and is a popular side trip.



Berwyn Route 66 Gift Shop
Berwyn’s Route 66 Museum is now a gift shop that is located right next door to the former museum location. Route 66 travelers can take advantage of all of the free maps, travel tips and answers to Route 66 questions as the Museum staff has done in the past. A Free Route 66 Passport is available to all of the visitors. There is a great selection of Route 66 merchandise for sale! To provide an historical perspective and a photo opportunity, check out the restored original (1990’s) Berwyn Route 66 entry marker displayed in the parking lot adjacent to the gift shop, along with a “distance marker pole”, the large school bell from Berwyn’s early 1900’s LaVergne School and a 12’ x 15’ wall mural panel with a full color Route 66 Shield.
7005 Ogden Avenue
(708) 352-9601

Berwyn’s Toys & Trains
A family-owned and operated business, the independent retailer carries a wide array of model trains and accessories, toys, remote controlled and slot cars, models, and other items for the serious collector and hobbyist as well as for the entire family. Come operate the giant train set!
7025 Ogden Avenue
(708) 484-4384
Berwyn’s Toys & Trains Facebook Page

White Castle
Berwyn’s location is the oldest original site of the hamburger chain on the entire stretch of the “Mother Road.” Route 66 veterans and rookies alike can satisfy their craving for “sliders” at the Castle. Located at the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Ogden Avenue, White Castle serves hundreds of thousands of patrons annually. Photo courtesy WhyBerwyn.com.
7155 Ogden Avenue
(708) 795-6811
White Castle Website

Ogden Top & Trim
Founded by Frank Nesladek in 1919 with third generation family member Carol Nesladek carrying on the family business. Ogden Top and Trim caters to and celebrates a deep rooted car culture that is the heart of Route 66. Carol continues an over 97 year tradition of serving the automotive enthusiast and the sheer volume of vehicles that have won major awards for their interiors has shown that Ogden Top and Trim is one of the premier upholstery shops in the nation.
6609 Ogden Avenue
(708) 484-5422
Ogden Top & Trim Official Website

Cigars & Stripes BBQ Lounge
“A strange place for nice people,” the eclectic pub features and outstanding selection of imported and domestic beers, as well as products from local breweries. They also offer a great barbeque menu, with award-winning chicken wings as the highlight. The smoke shop sells premium cigars, collectible lighters and other accessories. Take in the lively comedy and music as well.
6715 Ogden Avenue
(708) 484-1043
Cigars & Stripes Official Website

Paisans Pizzeria & Bar
Paisans Pizzeria is a cool place for Route 66 fans! They provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere filled with custom motorcycles, gorgeous fish tanks, and big screen TV’s in the 20,000-square foot, full service restaurant with a Top Fuel Dragster hanging over their bar. Paisans Pizza strives to blow away their guests with every bite. They serve gourmet burgers, fresh salads, handmade pastas and their pizza is out of this world. It’s the perfect place to meet with friends, bring your family and enjoy the Paisans Pizzeria experience!
6226 Ogden Avenue
(708) 484-5325
Paisans Pizzeria & Bar Website

Al Capone Gravesite
Take an interesting side trip, while in Berwyn, to visit the Capone family gravesite, which includes the marker for the famous American gangster, Al Capone (1899-1947). The Chicago Mob boss came to fame during the Prohibition era, where he reigned supreme for seven years, culminating with the deadly Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. After that incident, the government named him Public Enemy #1 and was able to convict Capone for tax evasion in 1931. He spent eight years in prison and died in 1947 from cardiac arrest. Al Capone’s headquarters of operation was in Cicero, and the folklore is that he was a driving force in getting Route 66 developed as a paved highway so he could distribute illegal alcohol as part of his business activities.
Mount Carmel Cemetery
1400 South Wolf Road
Hillside, IL (located 15 minutes northwest of Berwyn)
(331) 903-6940 ext. 308

Berwyn Illinois Route 66 Wayside Exhibits
Visit four different wayside exhibits in Berwyn: Automobile Love Affair - The inseparable bond between cars and Route 66 has always been tied to Ogden Avenue and continues even today; Cruising the Strip - As part of the car culture associated with Route 66 Ogden Avenue became the place to be seen; Eating on the Run - Have you ever wondered where or why fast food became an American way of life? Find out here; A Road Well Traveled - From Indian trails, wooden planks, brick roads, and pavement follow the history to created the most famous road in the world.
Ogden Avenue
(217) 525-9308
Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway Interpretive Exhibits Official Website

Berwyn Illinois Route 66 Experience Hub
Berwyn was already a booming Chicago suburb when Route 66 was created in 1926.  Motorists drove through a diverse ethnic neighborhood where people lived the good life in neat rows of bungalows with gardens and mowed lawns.  Route 66 on Ogden Avenue doubled as the community's business strip and as America's highway of dreams. Berwyn has the most significant collection of Chicago style bungalows in the nation. In the 1920s it was the fastest growing town in America.  Whole neighborhoods were built simultaneously with all basements dug, foundations poured, and armies of carpenters, bricklayers, and plasterers converging to build a single block at once. Every September, the city of Berwyn celebrates its Route 66 heritage with a massive car show that lines both sides of Ogden Avenue.  Thousands of people gather to view classic cars and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Ogden Avenue
(217) 525-9308
Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway Interpretive Exhibits Official Website


Berwyn Route 66 Car Show
WeatherTech Berwyn Route 66 Car Show
The WeatherTech Berwyn Route 66 Car Show is the area’s best and biggest car show. Held annually on the last Saturday in August, the Car Show takes visitors on a stroll through 500+ vintage and custom cars, trucks and motorcycles along with live music, automobile flamethrowing and a cacklefest of dragsters that will thrill everyone Plan to make your trip to Route 66 a weekend getaway and enjoy the sights and restaurants in the Berwyn area.
Ogden Avenue between Oak Park and Ridgeland
(708) 788-8100
WeatherTech Berwyn Route 66 Car Show Official Website

Cruise Nites
Berwyn’s Cruise Nites
Berwyn’s Cruise Nites, sponsored by Paisans Pizzeria And Bar, attract everyone from families to car enthusiasts. Tuesday nights don’t have to be a tired routine. Take to the streets of the Depot District for a hopping car show and a variety of nightlife spots to quench your cravings for anything from ice cream to martinis. Cruise Nites offer visitors the opportunity to mingle and learn more about Berwyn’s proud classic car culture. The Depot District offers plenty of food and drink establishments in the area to make it a great evening for the whole family! Held on specific Tuesdays, June-July-August. See website for details.
Windsor & Grove Avenues
(708) 788-8100
Berwyn's Cruise Nites Official Website

Berwyn’s Oktoberfest
Berwyn’s Oktoberfest is the western suburbs’ biggest party of the year taking place on Friday & Saturday in mid-Spetember. The event’s kick-off coincides with the original Munich Oktoberfest, which starts on September 16 this year. The event boasts live music, an international food court, carnival and amusement rides, family entertainment pavilion, and crafters and vendors. And let’s not forget the Beer Garden, which will feature special Oktoberfest seasonal selections among others!
Windsor & Stanley Avenues. between Oak Park & Home Avenues.
(708) 788-8100
Berwyn’s Oktoberfest Official Website

Zombie Walk
Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl
Dress in your best Halloween costume and head to Roosevelt Road for the annual Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl. The event will feature zombie make-up, a pub crawl, food and an after-party. Tour stops: 12th Street Rag, Commodore Berry VFW Post, Paparazzi, Friendly Tap and FitzGerald's Nightclub during the pub crawl. In the true spirit of the un-dead, zombies will proceed between venues in silence.
Horrorbles - 6943 Roosevelt Rd
(708) 484-7370
Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl Website


City of Berwyn

6700 26th Street
Berwyn, IL 60402
(708) 788-2660
City of Berwyn Official Website

Why Berwyn
Berwyn Development Corporation
3322 S Oak Park Ave, 2nd Floor
Berwyn, IL 60402
(708) 788-8100
Berwyn Development Corporation Official Website
Berwyn Development Corporation Facebook
Berwyn Development Corporation Twitter
Berwyn Development Corporation Instagram

Berwyn Dining & Shopping

Alignment 1926||1930||1940
Northern Region

Ogden Avenue
Berwyn, IL

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